Starbucks Nirvana

I never thought it would really be possible to O.D. on Starbucks.   I know, you’re asking yourself – “hey, id at least like to try – where can i do that?”.  Well, that would be here in Seattle.  Im up here for the week attending a conference for work.  The city alone has just under 300 starbucks stores….  Something like 287.   Nevertheless, as you can imagine its all over the place.  As there are attendees from all over the world here at the conference, perhaps its just the thing to do to have BARRELS of the stuff available at all hours of the day.  I gotta say tho with some of the topics Im having to endure – coffee is mandatory.  Dont get me wrong, everyone (at least everyone I know) loves Starbucks – I love Starbucks.  Especially FREE Starbucks.  Im not kidding, we are all just shy of having seattle’s finest hooked up with an IV.  Somewhere around 4:30pm yesterday as I was listening to the limitations of Ellipsoids and coordinate transformations I took one long last tug from a tall, black mug.  As  I swallowed the colombian richness I realized I couldnt take one more drink.    Oddly enough, here I am this morning bleary eyed and tired writing this post……. ready to give anything for a hot mug of the stuff……Where’s that IV?…………and if you picked up on the Nirvana inference………….good for you.

One thought on “Starbucks Nirvana”

  1. Starbucks is rather an azmniag company which sells really over roasted bitter coffee and has convinced millions that coffee is supposed to taste this way. It’s really a shame.Instead of buying their coffee put your 25 bucks towards a good coffee maker, even a simple percolater or French Press or an espresso maker (elec or stovetop) I know they sell a variety- go to a big Starbucks for more choice.) and then find a coffee that is rich and smooth and invite friends over. I use BUSTELO, a spanish brand that is dark and rich but not bitter.In the long run you will save tons of money and become famous for they great coffee you serve. good luck.

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