The “Nose-In”

Is it me, or has anyone noticed this aggressive maneuver becoming more and more evident?

I call it the “Nose-In”, and its basically where you have a driver who positions their car further and further out into the main traffic flow so that you almost have to let them have their way to avoid hitting them.

One day as I was headed down a very busy, two-lane, main road, a guy in some kind of an SUV wanted to turn left across the lanes and into wherever he was going. He didnt just put his blinker on, stop, and wait till the opposing traffic passed by… He actually began his turn and got the nose end of his truck across in the next lane. I really dont get this – if i HADNT been paying attention I would have hit him.

I see this more and more every day – people that want into the main flow of traffic – just sticking that nose out there. Im telling you, im on the verge of buying a “beater” car and just teaching these guys a lesson…..but i would never do that.