Again and Again

So ive made friends with the donut lady…..and the girl at the Starbucks drivethru….and my wasteline is protesting. This is my Friday ritual – to stop and snag an apple fritter and a steaming cup of Starbucks. Its my little way of treating myself after a long, stressful, activity filled week. Or an otherwise boring week of pure slacking. More of the latter im sure. Its become routine for me and that bright spot at the end of the tunnel…how about you guys? Anything you do on a weekly basis that has sort of turned into a routine for you?

ok…..gotta run warm up these donut holes…

So you wanna be a blogstar?

Well, I guess its time that I start updating this thing on a regular basis. Do I want to be a big, popular blog that millions visit? Uh…no. No, I really dont want to be a blog star and I really dont want that much traffic. Come to think of it, I dont think I know a million people either. “Why do it at all?” one might ask. I ask myself that too and I the best reason is that there really IS no reason. I guess I consider myself rather techie (i must admit I can hear that familiar ‘whooshing’ sound as technology is passing me by) and since I have a web site, well its the thing to do. Do I really think that someone is going to be sitting there thinking “ooh, I MUST peek into the world of Matthew James and catch up!” ?? I truly dont, but what I do know is that whilst out surfing once I stumbled across someones site – who knows what i was searching for – and came across this feature called a ‘blog’. I got to reading the exploits of this person and I literally found myself wanting to keep reading about their day-to-day doings….a total stranger!! I actually believe that its because this person had an amazing knack of making ordinary events seem extraordinary, and they possessed a writing style that was witty and insightful. SO……all that said to say that Im going to start posting frequently and maybe you might even discover this post buried deep within a multitude of posts…..and that you found it because you keep reading and reading – that you cant get enough of my wit and insightfulness……not.