I have recently discovered that there is a term for a particular race of people that we have all encountered at one time or another. They are called “Oblivions”. Fox News columnist Mike Straka has coined this phrase which I am now including as a part of my daily vocabulary.

Yes, we ALL know who the oblivions are.

They are the folks that will stand in the grocery line doing nothing, perhaps flipping through a magazine and will then stand there and stare as the clerk scans their full cart of items. Not until the clerk announces the sales total will the oblivion then decide that its a good idea to begin digging through a suitcase sized purse for their checkbook so that they can take 10 MORE minutes writing a check.

They are the folks at the gas station that will leave their cars at the pump to walk inside while the rest of us in line can only wait and steam till they return.

They are the drivers who see you waiting to pull out during heavy traffic, but wont use their turn signal when they turn – making you miss your opportunity.

They are the ones who will slowly walk right between you and the movie rentals you are trying to look at – completely ignoring the fact that they could have walked BEHIND you.

They are the inconsiderates that evidently have a special membership card that allow them access to the front of the line so that they can ask their question and be waited on before the rest of us that have been standing in line for 10 minutes…….

Nevertheless, I love this term “OBLIVION”. The world is so full of them these days but I have to admit – just the simple act of dubbing someone an “oblivion” helps me come to terms with the injustice I have just been served.

I KNOW you ALL have an oblivion story – share it with us here. Simply click the “Comments” link below and tell us how an Oblivion has impacted your life….