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Please excuse the mess as I once again try to update the site…..

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  • There's A Bulb Out!

There’s a Bulb Out!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As I put the lights on the tree this year I’m always reminded how frustrating it is when a light goes out and brings the whole strand down. While i was rummaging […]

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  • Nostalgia


My boys will soon be turning 4…. my where has the time gone? I’d heard it would happen. No question i welcome the addition of monster trucks, balls, cars, and trains all over the house. I just want to relish […]

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This is probably nothing new to anyone, but……its a shot I like and Im sharing how i did it. With an extended exposure or with light painting in general its best MOST of the time to use a tripod……which i […]

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Great Salt Lake Sunset

Great Salt Lake Sunset, originally uploaded by blonboy.

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Pike Place Peppers

Pike Place Peppers, originally uploaded by blonboy. Seattle, WA: Chili Peppers hanging outside the Pike Place market….

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Puget Sound Twilight

Puget Sound Twilight, originally uploaded by blonboy. Seattle, WA – a view towards the ship yards where the ferry’s come and go. In fact, you can see a ferry arriving just on the north end of the Sound.

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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day…

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day…, originally uploaded by blonboy. Our Texas weather here is so unpredictable. Today its a little rainy and overcast, so I thought something a little warm and cheery might be in order. This is my next […]

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Yeah, its like that…..

Boy, i should REALLY update this thing more often.  Maybe in the new year……maybe….. MJ

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  • The Twins

I should probably update….

Well, since my last post was from DECEMBER of last year, I should probably post an update.   True enough, life has been super busy with the twins – and most anything noteworthy I’m already posting to facebook.  I suppose […]

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