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Vanity? Narcissism? Look at Me!!!

Actually I just started a class on digital photography – improving skills. Our first assignment was “Self Portraits” so I launched a campaign to be more creative than just posing for a standard snapshot.
For this photoblog entry you’ll find about 25 shots of yours truly. If you’re one that doesnt like to look at my ugly mug (and there are a LOT of you out there) – be forewarned – this is NOT for you! No, this isnt vanity, Im not sure who hates having their picture taken more, me or my wife but since this was a class assignment – what could i do? Stay tuned for future class projects….

When viewing the album, click directly on the picture or use the sliderbar at the top.


What the??

Will you participate? Ive taken the camera to new lows…..
I ran around all over the house and took some close-ups of sixteen common, every day items and I challenge you to tell me what they are.

Take Challenge

When you think you know what they are, email me here – and I’ll send you a link to the “big picture” and let you know how you did.

Date Night…

Went out with some great friends on Saturday for a little sushi and starbucks. The place we went had an INCREDIBLE house band called “Ed”. The food was awesome and the company was even better. PHOTOS as usual in the PHOTOBLOG –>

…im pretty sure my mouth is still on fire.

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Big TexAlice and I took a day off on Thursday and went to the State Fair of Texas.
I think the weather scared most folks off, so the crowds were minimal. As long as the sun stayed hidden behind the clouds, it was a fairly great day for strolling the fairgrounds.
You can see some of the pictures by either clicking on Big Tex, or through the “Photoblog” link on the right. –>

A day in my life…

I have added something a little different to this page called the “Photoblog” – simply a litte section where I will upload various pictures I take from time to time….

I thought I would start out with something called “A day in my life”, and what I have done is to take one picture every hour of something random going on at that moment. Being that today is a workday, I can only take so many office shots, so I may hold off on those and focus more on afterhours….

The PHOTOBLOG is available from the links on the right… –>