Not as tough as I thought…

Its one of the first beautiful weekends weve had yet this year. Spring is definitely approaching. We had some friends coming in from out of town and trying to take advantage of the weather, I thought I would just zip out back and do a little yard work.

We’re blessed with this wonderful gazebo atop which is covered an amazing (cursed) growth of Wysteria vine. Well, its like this – the Wysteria and I have a yearly battle. Just as vine would do, it reaches its tentacles out for ANYTHING it can get a grip on. If it gets a little out of control, it will begin to course up the limbs of adjacent trees, tables, plants – anything. Nevertheless, I try to get out there and trim it back. Evidently I didnt get it cut back enough last year, so here I am at it again – me vs. the vine. I get my 8′ ladder out and begin trimming away. Get the front done, all is well so I move around to the back. My goal is to get it trimmed down enough so that I can climb up top and really get after it. My progress is coming along pretty good, so I get courageous and take a couple more steps up the ladder. Im pretty much out of rungs. Just as Im about to get command of the Wysteria, it makes a move on me. And wins. Seems I had ahold of an older vine that was dead and just as I went to climb on top of the gazebo, the branch gave way… It all happened so fast. The next thing I know, im on my hands and knees shaking out the cobwebs wondering what in the heck had just happened. Turns out, I fell smack on my bum, but evidently I took the brunt of the fall with my wrists – specifically my right one. So here I am – shaking like a leaf cuz it scared the crud out of me. My back is really protesting and I thought to myself that id really screwed up my back. No joy there – thank the good Lord my back was fine. I was not to let the Wysteria win, so back up that ladder I went – shears in hand. I grabbed the first vine I could find and with fierce determination I squeezed those shears like there was no tomorrow. Fire shot up my arm. I couldnt believe the pain. Matthew – 0, Wysteria – 1. After a trip to the bone doctor and a few x-rays, I was fortunate to only come away with a really bad sprain on the right wrist, and a mild one on the left. I hurt from my knuckles to my elbow. The doc hooked me up with a splint for the next few weeks and off I went.

Wysteria Lane…PFFF. Wysteria PAIN.

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