Open 24 hours.

Whether its 1am or 4am its amazing how many of us are still out and about. I got called out to a 2-Alarm fire last nite around 1am and although traffic was light, there were a number of cars still on the roads. Crazy thing was at 4am when I was headed home, there were just as many or MORE cars out on the road.

Are we becoming a society that never sleeps? Are our modern conveniences becoming such that it facilitates the postponing of our much needed rest periods? More and more you see the “Open 24hrs” sign everywhere. There are more things to do now, and more access to them than ever before. I just wonder what the future holds for an “around the clock” society…

One thought on “Open 24 hours.”

  1. There is not enough time during the day to get done what needs to be done. Before you know it the day is over. Sometimes staying awake all night is the only option. Not that I do that very often – I like my sleep!!!

    Hope all is well with you Matthew!! Email me, so we can catch up!

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