Again and Again

So ive made friends with the donut lady…..and the girl at the Starbucks drivethru….and my wasteline is protesting. This is my Friday ritual – to stop and snag an apple fritter and a steaming cup of Starbucks. Its my little way of treating myself after a long, stressful, activity filled week. Or an otherwise boring week of pure slacking. More of the latter im sure. Its become routine for me and that bright spot at the end of the tunnel…how about you guys? Anything you do on a weekly basis that has sort of turned into a routine for you?

ok…..gotta run warm up these donut holes…

One thought on “Again and Again”

  1. Hey Matthew sounds like things are going well… I do not have a weekly treat myself ritual – my treat is NO alarm clock, I so look forward to that every Saturday!

    FYI, my husband just started a blog, also., if you are intested. He has a few typos… not much of a typist, but usually kinda interesting – at least to me – though I am biased. Chat with you later

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