I should probably update….

Well, since my last post was from DECEMBER of last year, I should probably post an update.   True enough, life has been super busy with the twins – and most anything noteworthy I’m already posting to facebook.  I suppose however that blogging is indeed a whole different animal.   I seem to get inspired when i read other blogs that are well put together and have large followings.   Its not as if i ever expect folks to even look at this regularly if at all.  Most of my traffic i would guess is simply from random surfers. Nonetheless, I am going to make a better effort at keeping this updated. I THINK there is a feature on facebook that indicates I’ve updated this blog, I’ll have to check that out.

A blog post to me, would be incomplete without an image so with that said, here is a fairly up-to-date shot of the boys.   I love this shot – the expressions, the composition, and the depth-of-field.   When it comes to taking photos of these lil guys, let me tell you its not easy.  So i feel VERY fortunate to not only have a shot of them TOGETHER, but something that im happy with.   Blessings to all…. MJ