Rough and Tumble

So we have three kids….er…..cats. You all know how it works, you have one who is either so great you have to get another or “he needs a friend to play with.” Well, it was kind of both reasons for us so two cats it came to be. As for number three… Well, it seems our backyard has become some sort of feline haven. There are always cats out there. One night the wife says to me, “honey, come quick! There are cats fighting out there!”. To the rescue I came….”Uh, honey….those cats arent fighting…” The result – a couple of VERY cute but very wild kittens chasing everything from bugs to raccoons. Everyday we would watch these kittens – playing and growing. I wont mention any names but one of us, my wife, decided to start feeding them. Seemed a good idea at first. Day after day, they continued to grow. I always wanted to go out and play with them, but the slightest sound and WOOSH! – off they ran. Eventually, one of the cats started getting brave and would seem to hang around just on the edge of the patio. If youve ever seen the movie “Dances with Wolves”, you can visualize how the next couple of months panned out. Slowly but surely, day after day, I would coax this brave kitten closer and closer until one day he finally let me pet him. Pretty soon, he would let me hold him and would come around more often seeking attention. It actually got to the point where it seemed everytime the door opened he was wanting to come in. So, naturally one day – we let him. Cat number three.
Well, by now Zander, as we have come to call him, is getting to be a pretty good size and if he’s going to be inside he needs to have both his ‘boys’ and his claws removed. Never having been introduced to either the cat carrier or the vet it wasnt too difficult when I had to take him to the vet this morning. Into the truck he went and off we go… Rather uneventful, he’s pretty edgy but somewhat calm. Fortunately at 7:30am the vet was pretty empty. No problem! Once inside I went ahead and set him (inside the carrier) on a chair and I went to the desk to fill out the paperwork. Herein lies the heart of this little tale… For those of you unfamiliar with cat carriers, well…lets just say that their dimensions exceed in length that of a common veterinary chair. As Im filling out the paperwork, I hear this great crash/bang behind me. OH NO! I whirled around to see the carrier completely upside down on the vet floor. Evidently Zander had shifted his weight to the front of the carrier and consequently proceeded to completely flip his carrier onto its roof. LOL. Poor cat – if he wasnt excited before, he sure was now. As it turns out, I just set him on the counter with me and he settled down. No harm done. Well…..except for when he wakes up tomorrow and realizes his ‘boys’ are gone.