I have issues with Cup Size

I like big ones and i just dont have the right equipment to hold them….. Im talking about cup holders in my car!! Geez what are you thinking??!!

Here’s the deal. I have 3 cars, type isnt important, but they’re all a little older and NOT A ONE has a cup holder that will hold the modern era drink. Lets face it – you go to a fast food chain these days and ‘supersize’ or go-large or whatever the buzz word is, and that puppy is NOT going to fit in my car. Ok, so maybe now that im on a rant – type IS important because i want to really complain about the engineering that goes into a Lexus automobile. My wife has one ok and the cup holder is this little slide out thing that pulls out RIGHT OVER the ashtray. No, neither of us smoke but most portable ‘toys’ these days like phones and dvd players, blah, blah, blah…. all need power from the cigarette lighter. Drop a drink in the cup holder (provided it fits) and youve got to pull out the power cord. Ok so I happen to have a Lexus too – thats why i want to complain. My ONLY cup holder is mounted to the right of the radio and sort of pulls down and ‘pops up’…… its only large enough to MAYBE get a 12 ounce can in and if you get something to sit in there, it rests on a flimsy little plastic rod thats about two inches below the actual holding part. Lets face it, the way I drive…. NOTHING is going to be safe in that thing. But the REAL point is SIZE…. there is NO WAY its going to hold todays drink sizes…

Oh the other vehicle…its a truck…you’d think a TEXAS truck would hold a TEXAS-sized drink. No way. No how. WHAT GIVES??? I do, however REALLY have to hand it to those geniuses at the likes of Taco Bell, Whataburger etc….THOSE guys made a LARGE cup…but put the smaller “12 ounce” size bottoms on it. THOSE bad boys fit!! Now it might look like Im a fast food junkie…. sure i splurge from time to time, but its the drinks….bigger drinks I stop for… (you’re buying this right?)

Anyway…. I just had to rant for a second…im so tired of spilling drinks just because they wont fit in the ‘cupholders’ in my car. Big Gulp anyone???