So you wanna be a blogstar?

Well, I guess its time that I start updating this thing on a regular basis. Do I want to be a big, popular blog that millions visit? Uh…no. No, I really dont want to be a blog star and I really dont want that much traffic. Come to think of it, I dont think I know a million people either. “Why do it at all?” one might ask. I ask myself that too and I the best reason is that there really IS no reason. I guess I consider myself rather techie (i must admit I can hear that familiar ‘whooshing’ sound as technology is passing me by) and since I have a web site, well its the thing to do. Do I really think that someone is going to be sitting there thinking “ooh, I MUST peek into the world of Matthew James and catch up!” ?? I truly dont, but what I do know is that whilst out surfing once I stumbled across someones site – who knows what i was searching for – and came across this feature called a ‘blog’. I got to reading the exploits of this person and I literally found myself wanting to keep reading about their day-to-day doings….a total stranger!! I actually believe that its because this person had an amazing knack of making ordinary events seem extraordinary, and they possessed a writing style that was witty and insightful. SO……all that said to say that Im going to start posting frequently and maybe you might even discover this post buried deep within a multitude of posts…..and that you found it because you keep reading and reading – that you cant get enough of my wit and insightfulness……not.